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28 Apr 2021

This week we have entered Stage 2 of the government COVID roadmap, and the ECB have sent out guidance for cricket clubs.

Stage 2 does not allow spectators at pure sports events, but it does allow bars to open with a beer garden. Therefore, in short you may only attend the Moorland arena if you are having a drink and are seated at all times.

Saturday 17th is our first home game against Feniscowles and our beer garden will be open during and after the game.

Seats and tables are available inside and in front of our open marquee and benches will be available around the ground.

We would prefer you to purchase drinks via our app, details of which will be on tables (discount available for members - membership forms available) and cash bought soft drinks are also available.

Please adhere to the Code of 6 or 2 households and observe social distancing.

Everyone attending over 16 is required to sign a register or scan the QR code for Read CC.

I understand this may be disappointing to some but we have to adhere to government requirements on this until we can hopefully move on to the next stage next month.